Don’t Borrow To Buy Sallah Rams – Muslims Warns

Don’t Borrow To Buy Sallah Rams - Muslims Warns

With barely 48 hours left to the celebration of the Eid el-Adha festival, Muslim failthfuls have been cautioned not to borrow to buy rams for the celebration.

This was the position of some Islamic clerics who appealed to Muslims not to be desperate in their bid for the celebration.

Gists9ja reports that the warning is coming against the backdrop of complaints by some Muslim fathfuls over the high cost of rams ahead of this year’s celebration.

According to some clerics who spoke to The Punch, Muslims should celebrate the festival within their means, noting that what is important is seeking Allah’s pleasure.

The Chief Imam of the University of Abuja, Prof. Taofeek AbdulAzeez, admonished Muslims not to burden themselves financially due to the situation of the country, but they should celebrate and spend within their means and resources.

He notes that “They should buy what they can afford. They should please Allah alone; desperation is not a way to please Allah.

“They should buy what they can afford and must not borrow.”

Speaking on the essence of the Eid-el Adha festival, the cleric said, “It is a sign of submission, sacrifice and patience of our father, Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

“We should be patient over domestic crises which resulted in the relocation of the younger wife to Makkah and the establishment of Makkah for Hajj rites, and other Islamic contents. We should also learn sacrifice and submission, sincerity and perseverance.”

Also, the deputy Chief Imam, of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Prof. Sharafadeen AbdulKareem, said, “It is not acceptable for any Muslim to borrow money when he has no capability. But if he belongs to a cooperative society and the body is ready to lend him money for the Sallah, he can go ahead.

“If he is a civil servant that wants to use his or her salary to buy ram, he can borrow money and buy it. Allah does not accept anyone’s worship that is desperate.”

Similarly, the Secretary-General of the League of Imams and Alfas in Ogun State, Sheikh Tajudeen Adewunmi, called for moderation during the celebration.

Adewunmi said, “It is not compulsory for Muslims to slaughter rams; only to those who can afford it should do so. Allah does not suck blood and neither does He eat flesh, what He needs is for mankind to have His fear.”

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