Hidden Dark Forces Within, Outside Nigeria Behind Gumi’s Reckless Statements — FFK

Hidden Dark Forces Within, Outside Nigeria Behind Gumi’s Reckless Statements — FFK

Nigeria’s former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has said there are some dark forces in support of controversial Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi’s continual reckless comments in the country.

It was earlier reported that Sheikh Gumi said it is dangerous to entrust Nigeria’s national security to Christians and Southerners.

The cleric, in a video sermon of over 14 minutes posted on his official Facebook page, labelled Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, as “devil incarnate” for reportedly planning to engage Israelis to assist in securing Abuja.

The cleric in the sermon also said President Bola Tinubu would be prevented from serving for eight years.

He went on to curse citizens who campaigned assiduously for the Muslim-Muslim ticket as worthless hypocrites who were after money for pleasure and worldly purposes.

The cleric’s remark has attracted condemnations from concerned Nigerians and institutions. For instance, a group under the aegis of Middle Belt Patriots has warned Gumi against making further inflammatory statements capable of setting the country on fire.

Giving his remark, Fani-Kayode said the Gumi’s aim is to provoke religious and ethnic war in Nigeria. He also accused him of plotting to dethrone the government and establish a new nation to silence those who shared religious views opposed to his.

In a statement on Sunday, the former aviation minister said, “His intention is to assist the terrorists, provoke a religious & ethnic war, destabilise our country, bring down the Federal Government & establish a new order in Nigeria where Christians, Middle Belters, Southerners & Muslims that do not share his worldview are subjected to the worse form of humiliation, oppression, torture, murder & disgrace & are considered as nothing but slaves.”

He continued: “I am a Christian. I was born one and I will die one. I take my faith very seriously and I count it as being more important to me than anything else in life. Despite that I supported and campaigned vigorously for a Muslim/Muslim ticket in the 2023 presidential election because I believe that religion has no place in politics and that competence is the relevant factor when it comes to leadership rather than faith.

“That does not however mean that as a Christian I will stand by quietly and allow anyone to denigrate my faith. I believe that both Christians and Muslims should and must be given their due respect in this country and that the adherents and leaders of both of these two great faiths must let love guide their every word and action and strive to live together in unity, peace and harmony.

“The inciting, provocative & deeply insulting words which I shall quote in this contribution, from a man that hates Christians, Middle Belters & Southerners with what the Holy Bible describes as ‘a perfect hatred’ & a man that is a vicious psychopath, a dangerous subversive & an unrelenting & insidious religious & ethnic bigot will prove it.

“He is indeed the cleric of blood, destruction and carnage & his name is Sheik Ahmad Gumi.”

“It is clear that there are some hidden yet sinister and dark forces both within and outside Nigeria that are behind this evil man and that are encouraging him to continue to tread this reckless and dangerous course,” he added.

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