Kenneth Okonkwo Replies APC Secretary Over Calls For NBA To Sanction Him

Kenneth Okonkwo Replies APC Secretary Over Calls For NBA To Sanction Him

Labour Party (LP) chieftain cum actor, Kenneth Okonkwo has described the National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Ajibola Basiru as a crude and rude person.

Okonkwo in a statement on Sunday, also accused Basiru of trying to turn the attention of Nigerians away from the failure of the APC and the hardship it has imposed on them.

The LP chieftain said he has a right to disagree with the position of the Supreme Court on the outcome of the 2023 presidential election and calls by Basiru for the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to discipline him are out of place.

According to Okonkwo, though he disagrees with the apex court, he has accepted the verdict as a democrat.

He asserted that the APC scribe is the actual person that should be arrested for treason.

Okonkwo said: “My attention has been drawn to the statement credited to one Senator Ajibola Basiru, the NEC appointed National Secretary of the failed APC, that has impoverished Nigerians by making the naira exchange for N1,200 to a dollar and making them buy fuel at N640 per litre for first time in history.

“Rather than bemoaning the fate of his failed party and the hardship his party has imposed on Nigerians, it’s not surprising that this ignorant Ajibola will want to divert the attention of Nigerians from these maladies by purportedly petitioning NBA against Kenneth Okonkwo for disagreeing with the judgement of the Supreme Court on the petition appeal of HE Peter Obi and Labour Party.

“I don’t normally like responding to statements of very rude, crude and uncouth people like Basiru who has called the Petitioners and Peter Obi stupid, foolish and treasonable on Channels TV with Seun for going to court to bring a petition against the victory of APC and its candidate which is the acceptable behaviour of every civilised person worldwide.

“He has also quarrelled his Governor on a hallowed Mosque ground when he was urged to respect the protocol of the order of sitting arrangement of personalities which he arrogantly refused and which resulted in the attack and whisking away of a sitting Governor from the Mosque in his own state. What can be more treasonable?

“It’s unfortunate that such a character can have the effrontery to ignorantly petition the NBA on the ground that a Lawyer, who represented a party in a court, respectfully disagreed with the judgement of the Supreme Court, but accepted it as a democrat. Let me reiterate, I respectfully disagree with the judgement of the Supreme Court but accept it as a democrat and I stand by it.

As a Lawyer, Columnist and Scholar in law, I have the right, and indeed the duty, like every other lawyer, to critically analyse judgements of courts to further enrich our body of knowledge and I do not expect political merchants like Basiru to understand that.”

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