CAN, Islamic Group React As ICC Ranks Nigeria ‘Most Dangerous Place For Christians’ Globally

CAN, Islamic Group React As ICC Ranks Nigeria ‘Most Dangerous Place For Christians’ Globally

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) have reacted to a recent rating of Nigeria as the most dangerous place for Christians in the world.

A recent report by the International Christian Concern (ICC) asserted that Nigeria might be the “most perilous” place for Christians across the world.

“Nigeria is arguably the most dangerous place to be a Christian in the world today,” the report stated.

The ICC report detailed 55 attacks in Nigeria, resulting in the death of 549 Christians during a four-month period from March to July.

Reacting to the development, Ibrahim Kufena, the JNI secretary in Kaduna State, said it was not enough for the ICC to make such a statement against Nigeria.

According to him, the ICC should show instances and the locations where such alleged persecutions were made.

“That’s a general statement, let them be specific. They should give instances, places and so on, if not they are just trying to bring misunderstanding between us, if we react.”

Also reacting, some church leaders described the situation as unfortunate but called for caution in approaching such reports.

While the Anglican Church expressed concerns regarding external attacks on the Church and emphasized that Christians must not despair, CAN urged church leaders to reconsider their indiscriminate visits to government officials.

They stressed that such visits could divert attention from more pressing issues affecting Christians, such as the ongoing persecutions in various religious communities.

However, the PFN noted the importance of considering the broader context surrounding religious persecution in the country.

Reflecting on these issues, Simon Dolly, the CAN’s secretary, North-Central Zone, called on church leaders to refocus their efforts on addressing pressing issues.

“The persecution of Christians in Nigeria is an unfortunate circumstance that requires immediate attention. Church leaders need to reconsider their indiscriminate visits to government officials as it diverts attention from the pressing issues that affect Christians and the Church,” said Pastor Dolly.

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