“We’re Going Through Hell” – Nigerians Urge President Tinubu To Address Economic Hardships

“We’re Going Through Hell” – Nigerians Urge President Tinubu To Address Economic Hardships

Nigerians have directed their frustrations towards President Bola Tinubu, calling for immediate action to alleviate the suffocating impact of soaring inflation and elevated living costs.

Dr Isuwa Dogo, Publicity Secretary of the Middle Belt Forum, Dr Adetokunbo Pearse, Public Affairs Analyst from Reset Lagos PDP, and Chief Goddy Uwazurike, President of Cultural Credibility and Development Initiative (CCDI), vocalized their concerns in separate interviews with Daily Sun.

They highlighted the unbearable circumstances experienced by citizens since the abrupt removal of petrol subsidies at Tinubu’s inauguration on May 29.

Dogo underscored the widespread hardship faced by Nigerians, citing across-the-board price escalations triggered by the subsidy removal, criticizing the limited coverage of the Federal Government’s wage increase, leaving state-employed and private-sector workers unsupported.

His words:

“Nigerians are going through hell in the real sense of it. There is nothing that you buy today and you go back, two days later and the price has not increased. It doesn’t make sense.

“Many people feel that the president should have left the fuel subsidy because everything in the country has been affected by the removal of fuel subsidy and exchange rate.”

Pearse lambasted the unilateral subsidy removal, linking it to a surge in inflation, reduced foreign investments, a weakened currency, and a dramatic decline in GDP. He painted a grim picture of the economy, describing it as teetering on the brink of collapse under Tinubu’s administration.

Pearse urged the President to reverse the subsidy removal, tackle corruption in the petroleum sector, diversify revenue sources beyond crude oil, and prioritize agricultural development to boost revenue and employment.

He said:

“The President is best advised, firstly, to admit that he has made some serious errors of judgement. He should reverse the oil subsidy removal. He should go after the corruption in the petroleum industry.

“This is actually what the IMF recommended, not a unilateral removal of petrol subsidy, an act which is causing untold hardship to citizens and crippling the entire economy.

“The President should also begin to take responsibility instead of complaining about the bad economy he inherited from the previous administration.

“President Tinubu should appreciate the need to be frugal during these difficult economic times. He must reduce his lavish lifestyle, such as voting N169 million each for lawmakers’ vehicles and buying expensive yachts.

“Also, there must be a conscious effort to reduce cost of governance. It is the height of insensitivity to appoint about 50 ministers and hundreds of ministerial and National Assembly aides during these days of austerity. The President must lead by example.

“The President has so far ignored the appalling security situation in the country. In fact he appears overwhelmed by it all. One major policy that can improve the security situation in the country is the devolution of security powers to the states.”

Uwazurike echoed these sentiments, condemning the administration’s perceived disconnect between lavish spending and the populace’s dire circumstances. He urged a focus on reducing production costs, engaging genuine manufacturers, and promoting access to foreign exchange to revive businesses and employment.

Moreover, Uwazurike criticized inadequate relief measures and highlighted the contrast between government expenditures and the citizens’ suffering. He called for accountability regarding wealth acquired through dubious means and expressed concern over hindrances to education due to exorbitant fees.

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