MATHEMA 1.0: Secoken LTD Fakes N500K Cash Prize To Mathematics Overall Winner, Presents Inaccessible N300K Cheque To School Since May

By Abayomi Elias

The organiser of “The Ultimate Mathematics Survival 1.0 (Mathema1.0)” Secoken Limited has reneged from its promise on May 5, 2023 to give 500,000 naira to the overall winner of the Mathematics competition, the organisation presented N300,000 inaccessible cheque instead.

Newsconnect reports that Secoken Limited at the grand finale of the competition in Lagos state had publicly presented a N500,000 cheque to the first winner that was post dated.

As a follow up to the development, our medium gathered that the first cash prize winner of N500,000 Ameerah Ibrahim from Eminence College is the only affected, Secoken Limited said the second and third winner from other schools have cashed their money.

In a telephone interview with Newsconnect correspondence and a Secoken Limited stakeholder towards understanding the issues, a representative of the organisation admitted that the first prize winner is the only affected temporarily, that others have cashed out. He said the delay was as a result of the fact that a signatory to sign the cheque is out of the country.

In his words, he said;

“Thanks for reaching out.
I would like to clear the air for any miscommunication purposes or what you have been told.

“We as an organisation would never put our reputation on the line. We aim to empower and reward young adults for their excellence and we are committed to doing so.

“Three winners emerged from our last competition, and a promissory cheque was issued with a disbursement date.
Two of the winners were able to cash out their prices but one wasn’t which happens to be Eminence College due to the time bind of the cheque. Although the cash prize would have been cashed out, the person who was meant to sign the cheque is not in the country and is yet to return as we speak, still, we have tried explaining to Eminence College about the situation at hand that as soon as he gets back he will administer it immediately.

“We reached out to the school to appeal to them to exercise more patience and that their price will be given immediately after the issue has been sorted.

“For this reason, we haven’t proceeded to the second edition of the Mathematics Competition Máthēma 2.0 which was supposed to have been held in October but was postponed due to the situation.

“We are resolving it and certainly, they will get their promised reward.

“A verification process can be done to confirm the other schools have received their prizes and awards.

“We are not a fraudster, we just encountered a major issue which the company is in the process of resolving”. He said

In contrast to the above, see what the Proprietor of Eminence College said when we reached out to establish more clarity.

“They said we won #500,000, but actually came with a cheque of #300,000. They said the balance of #200,000 will be used for ICT training for some selected students.

“No training, no payment even till now”. He said

Other schools who came second and third in the competition include :

2nd- Utopia Comprehensive College.
3rd- Sachel College

At the time of filing this report, the organiser of Secoken Limited is yet to tell us when the signatory will come and sign and they are not willing to to share his or her contacts. We are yet to hear from the winners from Utopia Comprehensive and Sachel college ofi they truly cashed their money.

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