Tinubu’s Govt Is The Worst, Ijaw People Are Angry – Asari Dokubo Sends Message To The President

Tinubu’s Govt Is The Worst, Ijaw People Are Angry – Asari Dokubo Sends Message To The President

Former militant leader, Asari Dokubo, has criticized President Bola Tinubu, describing his government as the worst for the Ijaw community and a nightmare for them.

Dokubo made this known in a video shared on his social media page, in response to the ongoing political crisis in Rivers State and the alleged marginalisation of the Ijaw people under the current administration.

The former militant leader recalled several sentiments raised during the election period, saying there was fear among the Ijaw populace regarding Tinubu’s administration not being concerned about their welfare.

He, however, assured them of taking responsibility for Tinubu’s failure.

Issuing a warning, Dokubo said any unrest in the South-South region would begin from Rivers State, expressing his inability to intervene or restrain the sentiments brewing among the Ijaw community.

He said, “You don’t want to hear this naked truth, ok don’t hear it, Ijaw people are already angry that this is the worst government. This government is against the Ijaw people. And you want to add petrol to fire. This is the worst government. Ijaw people feel this is the worst government for them. This is a nightmare for them.

“When we were voting and campaigning for him, a lot of Ijaw people called me, ‘Ah, presido, you know Tinubu, you know everything about Tinubu. Tinubu is your friend. We hope he is not going to look the other way o’, and I assured my people, I said if Tinubu fails, hold me responsible. And today, people are saying, are you still on that ‘if Tinubu fails, hold me responsible’.

“Rivers state is a litmus test. If there is going to be any fire, it will start in Rivers state. I cannot stop them. I, as an individual, I cannot stop them. I cannot even stand in their way because they will shove me aside. Let me tell you, nobody is giving assurance that he can stand in the gap.”

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