‘Yahoo Boys Exhuming Dead Bodies In My Kingdom For Rituals’ – Delta Monarch

Yahoo Boys Exhuming Dead Bodies In My Kingdom For Rituals’ – Delta Monarch

HRM Emmanuel Efeizomor II, the immediate past Chairman of the Delta State Traditional Rulers Council and revered Obi of Owa kingdom, has expressed grave concern over the disturbing activities of yahoo-boys within his domain.

The monarch highlighted the alarming trend of internet scammers exhuming bodies from public cemeteries for ritualistic purposes.

During an annual interactive meeting with members of the Owa Community at the Owa-Oyibu Palace, HRM Emmanuel Efeizomor II underscored the urgent need to address the growing menace of these nefarious acts.

He stressed that the invasion of public cemeteries at odd hours for the extraction of vital organs from newly buried individuals has escalated to a dangerous level.

He essential organs of the deceased have been unlawfully harvested by individuals suspected to be involved in ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, commonly known as yahoo-boys.

Emphasizing the gravity of these actions, he firmly declared that such reprehensible behaviour must cease immediately.

In a stern warning, HRM Emmanuel Efeizomor II emphasized that anyone caught perpetrating these heinous acts would face severe consequences under the customs and traditions of the kingdom.

He made it unequivocally clear that the kingdom would not tolerate such sacrilegious practices, affirming the community’s commitment to upholding its cultural values and maintaining sanctity within the burial grounds

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