Many Sins Of Igwe Neni

Many Sins Of Igwe Neni
  1. Igwe Neni Installed unpopular isi Ichie (Onowu) Neni on 29th December, not following the constitution of the town, against the directives of the state government to stay action for one year.
  2. Igwe Neni till date stood against Neni having a recognised youth body.
  3. Igwe Neni unilaterally stopped a section of Neni from getting clearance from the Town Union for funerals, marriages and other social activities against the directives of the town union
  4. Ìgwè Neni One day woke up to unilaterally ban Masquerades in Neni for two years and deprived our children one of the recreational activities during festive periods.
  5. Igwe Neni woke up on 4th January 2024, banned Igba Ọdụ (Iyom title) of our women and directed that any further Iyom MUST be approved by his wife.
  6. Igwe Neni, years back wanted to install chieftaincy title on people fraglantly, just as did now, but was stopped then by Tonymas through the courts. Now he started it again even against the directives of the State government.

Thank you Governor Soludo for saving Ndi Neni from the hands of a tyrant.

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