Suspension of Igwe Neni: Soludo Deserves Commendation, Not Condemnation – Paul Nwosu

Suspension of Igwe Neni: Soludo Deserves Commendation, Not Condemnation - Paul Nwosu

A number of unreasonable reactions have trailed the suspension of the traditional ruler of Neni, Anaocha LGA of Anambra State, by the Government of Anambra State, through a notice of suspension letter, signed by the Commissioner for Local Government, Hon, Tony Collins Nwabunwanne, on Monday, January 8.

The letter clearly cited the Code of Conduct for Traditional Rulers in Anambra State (issued by the traditional rulers) which provides that no traditional ruler can confer chieftaincy title on anyone outside his domain (his community) without obtaining the permission of the traditional ruler of the recipient’s community and the directive issued by the state government through the Ministry that no such chieftaincy title should be conferred by a traditional ruler on a recipient outside his town/community without obtaining clearance from the Ministry, which the Neni Traditional Ruler flouted.

Even in the face of this glaringly established case of infringement of the law, some blind communicators in social media are still politicking with it, yet accusing Governor Solud of playing dirty politics.

What is dirty politics in sanctioning a traditional ruler who wilfully and brazenly flouted not only the government’s guidelines but the Code of Conduct issued by traditional rulers themselves? Again, what is the essence of making laws or guidelines if it cannot be enforced?

It is very clear that the traditional ruler in question was careless and tactless in his action by conferring the controversial chieftaincy title few days after government warned those who had earlier done that. It has nothing to do with politics but the rule of law and due process. He simply dared the government and government has demonstrated that it’s a serious minded government.

It’s high time we left emotions and call a spade a spade in this state. No serious government will abnegate his responsibilities because of one’s selfish interest no matter how highly placed. This, of course, should serve as a warning to all traditional rulers and others who think that they are untouchable and above the law.

Those asking why Governor Soludo is the one to excavate this law since others before him didn’t do it should be reminded that the immediate past administration suspended 12 traditional rulers because they traveled to Abuja without official permission. Moreso, the fact that other governors didn’t do it does not make it right. This is part of the disruptive change that the Soludo administration promised Ndi Anambra and he should be commended for taking such a bold step and not condemned.

Commissioner for Information,
Anambra State

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