Does PDP Have Candidate Ahead Of Enugu State Council Elections If It Holds?

Does PDP Have Candidate Ahead Of Enugu State Council Elections If It Holds?

By Ezugwu Martins Chimguzorom ( EMC)

Without hidding from the truth, I was thrown into confusion after reading a press release by the Enugu state commissioner for information Mr. Aka Eze Aka on behalf of the state government.

In his words, he described as frivolous allegations of the state government planning to forcefully impose caretaker committee across the 17 local government in the state instead of allowing for an election. Should I agree with the commissioner that such allegations are frivolous or should I term it that the state government is venturing into Political prank with the expectations of the Enugu state people? Well, without delaying, the latter seems to be more closer to the truth.
If indeed that the election which the State State government electoral body ENSIEC has slated to hold on February 2024 will hold as the commissioner for information has recently made Enugu people to believe, where is PDP going to manufacture her Candidates from because the party has not at this moment conducted any primary election? I am not doubting the capacity of the Enugu state electoral commission at all neither am I intruding in the affairs of PDP as a party but if genuinely that the PDP led government is not playing Political prank with the expectations of the good people of Enugu state, they should come out and explain when and who they have elected as their Candidates ahead of the said council elections.

To some extent, Enugu state people may not really be perturbed at all by the press release because this administration is one which its roots are heavily and strongly built on lies and deception.

As it stands now, Labour party is the only Political party in Enugu state that has met up with the Constitutional requirements towards the processes involved in preparation for the election by successfully concluded and nominated Candidates who are going to stand for the election.
If the PDP led government in Enugu state is sincere to the good people of Enugu state they should have released their primary election timetable and subsequently, should have conducted primary election but currently, what is being seen now is what I can call hide and seek leadership. Or will I be correct to say that PDP is unarguably afraid of going out for election?
The question now is, if the election holds next month, is PDP Constitutionally eligible to contest the election since they are yet to field a single Candidate?

The answer is NO!

Enugu state people are currently eager to see how this Political prank will turn out to be at the end .

I plead with all the necessary stakeholders in Enugu state irrespective of party affiliation to reject the unpleasant attempt by the PDP led administration to throw our local government councils into Political anarchy by denying the good people of the state for the first time the opportunity to cast their votes for their preferred Candidates.

It is a time we should begin to ask questions and not sitting down and accept all hook and sinker !

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