Fresh Facts Emerge On Why Doyin Okupe Dumped Labour Party

Fresh Facts Emerge  On Why Doyin Okupe Dumped Labour Party

Fresh facts have emerged on why Dr Doyin Okupe resigned from Labour Party.

According to an insider account of what led to the sudden resignation of Dr Doyin Okupe whom the LP presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi used as a placeholder prior to his decision to choose Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed as running mate, Dr Okupe was actually swindled by Mr Peter Obi, hence his decision to leave the party for him and his gang of betrayers.

The embattled placeholder of LP Vice Presidential ticket in 2023, Dr Doyin Okupe could no longer bear the pains inflicted on him despite all his contributions. For this reason, the former Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Olusegun Obasanjo and Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to President Goodluck Jonathan complained bitterly over the treatment meted out to him and his southwest counterparts by Peter Obi after sacrificing his freedom and political ambition for the 2023 LP presidential campaign.

Dr Okupe lamented that after assisting Peter Obi to raise $5.m from the diaspora and over N10.b from businessmen across Nigeria, Peter Obi changed the signatories and brought in his kinsmen Okey Ezeibe, Valentine Ozigbo and Benjamin Uba to enable him withdraw funds from the account at will. Sadly, most of the funds were given to Peter Obi’s wife Margret.

Within the period, Margret Obi bought a diamond worth $2.m (over N2.b) which she flaunts during luxurious occasions in anticipation of becoming the first lady.

Dr Okupe told his close allies that his conscience will not allow him to use the LP platform to continue deceiving Nigerians, knowing fully well that the initial aim of using it for national integration and good governance has failed woefully, due to the greedy attitude of the party leader and his kinsmen.

Dr Okupe vowed not to have anything to do with a character that is as cunning as Peter Obi in this life again, noting that Obi is a sheep in wolves clothing.

“I regret ever having anything to do with Peter Obi. He is such a deceitful, fraudulent, selfish and the most treacherous politician I’ve ever come across in my political career. For this reason I have decided to allow them share all the money as they like so I can have my peace.

“Peter Obi introduced blackmailing machinery to Labour Party who’s job is to use the media to slander any individual or group they mark as a target. He occasionally activates his personal media machinery for blackmail, slander, lies and propaganda. If Nigerians find out who Peter Obi is, they will stone him.

He further revealed how Peter Obi became agitated when he got a tip that the federal government might dig into his history, because there was this rumour that we was a cocaine pusher. Some of the people selling cocaine for him all over the world ended up in jail at one point or another. Therefore he was jittery about detailed investigation of his past activities.

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