Nigerian Government Ready To Partner With France To Combat Insecurity

Nigerian Government Ready To Partner With France To Combat Insecurity

The Minister of Defence for Nigeria, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar, has expressed President Bola Tinubu‘s administration’s preparedness to enhance its ties with France in addressing security challenges.

He emphasized the importance of a robust relationship with France in addressing the threats posed by terrorism, banditry, and various criminal activities within the nation.

The Minister conveyed this message in Abuja on Tuesday, when he welcomed members of the French Parliament and the Defence Commission, led by Gassilloud Thomas, to the Ship House in Abuja.

Regarding the current ties between the nations, the Minister highlighted the necessity to bolster cooperation in military equipment, training, and other areas for a more robust relationship.

The Minister also mentioned that since taking on the role of the Honourable Minister of Defence, he has participated in three discussions with France concerning military cooperation, which illustrates the positive and strong relationship between Nigeria and France.

I believe the French Government can support Nigeria with equipment to fight insecurity and insurgency. You are aware Nigeria has a huge population with great economic potential and this can help the economies to stabilize,” he said.

He also praised the collaborative ties between the French Parliament and the Nigerian Parliament, highlighting that such cooperation would enhance efforts in combating insecurity.

Previously, the head of the Parliament, Gassiloud Thomas, commended the Minister for his effective and robust approach to addressing security challenges within the country.

He said, “The role you are playing to strengthen the relationship is highly appreciated, and we will continue to support this present government in order to curb insecurity.

“This relationship is very important because Nigeria has extraordinary potential and the role it is playing in regional security and because Nigeria has one of the most efficient militaries.

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