Insecurity: Northern Elders Slam Tinubu Over Private Visit To France

Insecurity: Northern Elders Slam Tinubu Over Private Visit To France

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has berated President Bola Tinubu over a private trip to Paris, France, amid rising security challenges in the country.

Recall that President Tinubu departed Abuja for France last Wednesday, January 24, 2024, on a private visit and is scheduled to return the first week of February.

Speaking with Daily Trust on Wednesday, the NEF spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said Tinubu’s private trip to Paris at this time the country is grappling with insecurity shows that he is only selfish and pursuing personal goals.

Suleiman said Tinubu’s action confirms the concerns that Nigeria has ended up in the hands of “A citadel of poor governance, indifference, insensitivity, and unprecedented impunity.”

He said Tinubu’s decision to prioritise a private trip over the urgent needs of the Nigerian people has shown that the country is being led by individuals who are ill-equipped and ill-prepared to lead.

He said: “It is a stark reminder that our leaders are more concerned with their personal interests than the welfare and security of the Nigerian people.

“In February 2023, Nigerian voters placed their trust in Tinubu, believing that he would lead our nation through and out of its limitations, into a future where we would live secure lives and pursue livelihood in a united Nigeria.

“Unfortunately, just a few months into the new administration, Nigerians are beginning to realise that they have been abandoned to the mercy of armed criminals. The lack of political will and capacity to confront them has created a vacuum that they sense and exploit. Our leaders, including President Tinubu, seem more interested in pursuing personal goals than supporting and encouraging their people in times of need.

“The consequences of this lack of leadership are dire. The rampaging bandits, kidnappers, and criminal gangs continue to wreak havoc on our communities, instilling fear and insecurity in the hearts of ordinary Nigerians. Families are torn apart, lives are lost, and livelihoods are destroyed. The Nigerian people are left to fend for themselves, with little hope of protection or justice.”

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