‘Mega Party In Nigeria Is A Coalition Of Mega Political Criminals, I Won’t Be Part Of It,’ Sowore Rules Out Political Alliance With Atiku, Obi, Others

Mega Party In Nigeria Is A Coalition Of Mega Political Criminals, I Won’t Be Part Of It,’ Sowore React To Political Alliance With Atiku, Obi, Others

Former African Action Congress presidential candidate, Mr Omoyele Sowore, has said he is not interested in any alliance to form a mega party to challenge the ruling All Progressives Congress in 2027.

When asked if he would welcome an alliance with Peter Obi, a former Labour Party presidential candidate, in an interview with Pulse Nigeria, the #RevolutionNow convener replied, “Never! His alliance is clear. He’s with his elder brothers, Atiku (Abubakar) and the rest of them.”

According to him, Obi is not different from other politicians who contributed to the problems of Nigeria during their time in power.

He said, “I don’t crave Obi’s followers, and I cannot be in an alliance with him. If people who were misled to join him now feel that they have seen the light and want to join us, I’m happy to welcome them.

“His heart is with the PDP, which ruled this country for 16 years. Obi was Jonathan’s economic advisor when the PDP stole the most money during their tenure.

“So, what are we talking about? The problem again comes back to how we like to deceive ourselves in this country. You see, all the narratives we have been able to debunk since then. ‘Oh, we need experience, our country is complex, and we don’t need schools.’

“All these are narratives packaged to divert attention from what good governance should be.”

When asked if he had been contacted to be part of a mega platform that Pat Utomi, a professor of political economy and management expert, and some others, were putting together, Sowore said he would never be part of it.

He said, “I cannot be part of a mega fraud. Pat Utomi is Tinubu’s boy. There is a video of him dancing with Tinubu in his house. I have never been to Tinubu’s house before.

“So all these guys who are claiming to create a mega party have been in the process of creating a mega party forever. They were the ones who created the APC as a mega party. Pat Utomi was part of that. He ran in his state.

“On the day of the primary election, they sent him to another place, and the primary was happening somewhere else. These guys know themselves, but once in a while, they would put it out there that they want to create a mega party.

“A mega party in Nigeria is a coalition of mega political criminals — the ones who are empowered and trying to go and loot. I cannot be a part of anything that will retain an APC in power or bring back a PDP — never! I just want to be clear about that.”

And when asked again if he had been contacted, he replied, “I doubt they would even try to contact me because all these people you have mentioned are very clear about my position.”

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