“Police Can’t Declare Me Wanted” – Auxiliary Speaks from Hideout

Police Can’t Declare Me Wanted” – Auxiliary Speaks from Hideout

Alhaji Mukaila Lamidi, the recently removed chairman of the disciplinary committee of the Park Management System (PMS) in Oyo State, has responded to his dismissal by affirming that the police lack the authority to declare him a wanted individual.

Gists9ja reports that Lamidi, also known as Auxiliary, who is currently wanted by the police for alleged involvement in gun-running, expressed gratitude to Governor Seyi Makinde, emphasising that the governor remains a destiny helper in his life.

Maintaining his commitment to peace, Auxiliary stated that he would comply with any decision made by the governor regarding transport unions.

Addressing the recent accusations of violence attributed to his associates in Ibadan, Auxiliary, speaking on a live radio program from his undisclosed location on Saturday morning, asserted that he is a peace-loving individual who would never transform the state into a battleground due to the dissolution of the PMS by the governor.

Referring to the declaration by the Oyo State Police that he is wanted, Auxiliary dismissed it as irrelevant, stating, “Why would I, a sensible person, hide or store weapons at my residence?”

He cautioned his associates against instigating trouble or engaging in violence in Ibadan or other parts of the state, urging them to abandon such plans.

While praising Governor Makinde and his ally, Otunba Seye Famojuro, Auxiliary affirmed that both individuals have been instrumental in his life.

However, Auxiliary assured his willingness to comply and cooperate with the integration and reform efforts that involve other driver unions within the PMS. He emphasised that he would accept the outcome even if the new reform does not favour him.

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