Spain FA President Insists He Won’t Resign For Kissing World Cup Winner

Spain FA President Insists He Won’t Resign For Kissing World Cup Winner

Spain FA President, Luis Rubiales has refused to resign over his alleged misconduct during the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

The Spain FA President has been heavily criticized for kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips after Spain defeated England 1-0 to win their first Women’s World Cup trophy.

Before that, the 46-year-old Rubiales was caught on camera clutching his groin while standing next to Queen Letizia of Spain and her daughter, age 16, in the Stadium Australia VIP box.

Rubiales apologized for the kiss on Monday before Fifa, the world’s regulatory body of football, took disciplinary action against him on Thursday. He also apologized for touching his crotch while celebrating Spain’s victory.

Due to the scandal, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) called for an extraordinary general assembly “as a matter of urgency”, which was held earlier today, August 25, where the Spain FA President was expected to announce his resignation for his alleged misconduct.

However, the members of the assembly ended up applauding him as he explained to them what happened and why he wouldn’t resign.

The Spain FA President was quoted as saying in Spanish, “I will not resign, I will not resign. A social assassination is taking place.”

He continued, “I’m ready to be vilified to defend my ideals. I don’t deserve this manhunt I have been suffering.

“I want to apologise without reservation for everything that happened in the box when in a moment of euphoria I grabbed that part of my body that you have already seen.

“Of course, I have to apologize, to the Queen, and to everyone who has felt offended. I have been in countless boxes and I have never behaved like that.”

The Spain FA President went further to claim that he asked for Jenni Hermoso’s permission before he kissed her on her lips, a kiss he described as “a little peck”.

He said, “Jenni was the one who lifted me. I told her to ‘forget about the penalty’ and I said to her a little peck?’ and she said ‘OK’.

“It was a spontaneous kiss. Mutual, euphoric, and consensual. That’s the key. A consensual ‘peck’ is enough to get me out of here?

“There are many people who, although silent, are supporting me. More than those who are against me.”

Meanwhile, according to ESPN, 30-year-old Spanish attacker, Borja Iglesias, had said he won’t play for Spain’s national team again “until things change and this kind of action doesn’t go unpunished”.

The Real Betis attacker made this statement after the Spain FA president refused to resign for kissing the 2023 Women’s World Cup winner.

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