Tinubu: Even Buhari Will Not Do What You Did To Me And Go Scot-free – Reno Omokri Calls Out Rufai Oseni

Tinubu: Even Buhari Will Not Do What You Did To Me And Go Scot-free – Reno Omokri Calls Out Rufai Oseni

Former presidential aide Reno Omokri has called out popular Nigerian news anchor, Rufai Oseni, following the confirmation from Chicago State University that President Bola Tinubu is an alumnus of the institution.

Recall that in 2022, Omokri had shared some audios of Oseni allegedly threatening his life because he exposed him as a liar.

This occurred after the duo got into an altercation on live TV over Omokri’s claims that he visited the Chicago State University to confirm if President Tinubu was indeed an alumnus of the institution.

Recounting the situation yesterday, Omokri called on Arise TV and Oseni to provide the subpoena which states that the university denied Tinubu.

He subsequently demanded an apology from the news station and Oseni.

Speaking via a series of posts on Twitter, he wrote, “After I Exposed Him As a Liar, Rufai Oseni Called My Brother and Threatened My Life, Because I Insisted Tinubu Attended Chicago State University.

“I belong to the Obasanjo school of thought. Never go and look for trouble. However, if someone comes to look for your trouble, deal with them. At a time and place of your choosing.

“How can you think you can go on air, lie against me and believe that I will take it lying low? Even Buhari cannot do that to me and go Scot-free. You recorded a video bringing my late mother and my family into your lies and setting Obidients against me?

“My question to Arise TV is this: Today, Chicago State University, in a court deposition, has affirmed what I said during my interview on your station on Monday, November 28, 2022, for which Rufai Oseni called me a liar.

“How can a purported journalist be feeding lies to the general public and calling it news? And his employers will allow him call the person who actually said the truth a liar?

“I now challenge AriseTV and Rufai Oseni to publicly produce the so-called subpoena, by which Rufai Oseni claimed that Chicago State University denied Tinubu.

“When are Arise Television and Rufai Oseni going to publicly apologise to me for the damage they tried to do to my reputation during that interview? And when is Rufai Oseni going to answer for the death threats he made against me to my brother, which were recorded?

“I will not take it lightly, and I am a meticulous record keeper with the memory of an elephant.”

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