CSOs to President Tinubu: Remove, Probe M.D Enugu Fed Neuropsychiatric Hospital

CSOs to President Tinubu: Remove, Probe M.D Enugu Fed Neuropsychiatric Hospital

A coalition of civil society groups has urgently implored President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to instruct Dr. Monday Nwite Igwe, the Medical Director of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Enugu, to temporarily step aside.

This call comes in response to an order from the Inspector General of Police to launch a discreet inquiry into the hospital due to numerous complaints of corruption, abuse of power, nepotism, tribalism, impunity, and the unlawful closure of the Federal Government-owned School of Post Basic Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing in Enugu.

In their formal letter to President Tinubu, the coalition led by Comrade Onyebuchi Igboke articulated their concerns, substantiating their claims with various documents, including letters, memoranda, and court orders. These materials highlight a consistent pattern of alleged misconduct and defiance by Dr. Monday Igwe.

One of the coalition’s primary grievances centers on Dr. Igwe’s persistent refusal to adhere to directives from the Federal Ministry of Health, Public and Civil Service Rules, court rulings, and judgments. This, they argue, underscores a disregard for established protocols and accountability.

Furthermore, the coalition alleges that Dr. Igwe has displayed a high level of impunity, asserting that his perceived immunity from removal stems from his appointment by President Buhari and significant political support, which has allowed him to secure a second term despite ongoing concerns and complaints.

The coalition’s letter also emphasizes the interference with orientation nursing students and the violation of a court order to maintain the status quo as troubling issues. According to them, these actions blatantly disregard the rule of law.

The letter highlights the Ministry of Health’s response to these complaints, with the Honourable Minister of Health requesting a ministerial committee to thoroughly investigate both staff and individuals associated with the hospital who have filed grievances. The minister has also stressed the need for the ministry’s involvement in any disciplinary proceedings concerning specific officers.

Despite these directives from the Ministry of Health, the coalition alleges that Dr. Igwe continues to defy orders and maintain a status quo that favors him, including retaining his wife in a position at the School of Post Basic Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing, among other allegations of financial impropriety and misappropriation of hospital resources.

Given these allegations and ongoing disputes, the coalition of civil society organizations has called upon President Tinubu to intervene and temporarily suspend Dr. Monday Igwe from his role as the Medical Director of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Enugu. They contend that such a step is necessary to ensure an impartial and fair investigation into the allegations against him.

The situation at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Enugu has become a matter of grave concern for both the coalition and the wider public, raising fundamental questions about accountability, transparency, and the integrity of healthcare institutions. President Tinubu’s response to this urgent plea is poised to have significant implications for the ongoing investigation and the hospital’s future.

It is crucial to emphasize that all assertions in this news report are rooted in the allegations put forth by the coalition of civil society organizations and the accompanying documentation. The request for the temporary suspension of Dr. Monday Igwe is framed as a call for an unbiased and equitable investigation, with no presumption of guilt. As the situation evolves, further developments in this case are anticipated.

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