Commission Sends Out Strong Warning, Reveals Women In Southeast Will Find It Difficult To Have Husbands 

Commission Sends Out Important Message, Reveals Women In Southeast Will Find It Difficult To Have Husbands

A report from the Anambra Truth, Justice and Peace Commission (ATJPC) has stated that killings in Anambra State and the Southeast geopolitical zone in general will deny women the opportunity to have spouses.

The Commission stated this via an Executive Summary made available to newsmen in Awka, on Friday.

The report noted that women are on the receiving end of the restiveness and killings in the region because they now find it difficult to find partners.

It asserted that women might suffer and continue to suffer from killings, rape, loss of husbands and sons, and denial of livelihoods.

It also noted that thousands of young people had been killed since 1999 when restiveness became pronounced in the region, just as many had fled the rural areas.

The killings from the ongoing violence in Igboland generally and in Anambra in particular due to violent crimes and claims of agitation have once again disproportionately affected the stock of young males in the region.

“It has reduced the likelihood that women will be able to find suitable mating or marriageable partners while also increasing the likelihood that females will end up unmarried and reproductively unfulfilled.

“It will further swell the number of unmarried women in the region, particularly among those who reside in the homeland and have limited interaction outside the boundaries of home.

“These women could remain unmarried or wait out their productive years in search of a suitor who has likely been killed.

“They may feel intimidated about giving birth to a child outside marriage for fear of being labelled wayward and humiliating their families for birthing children into illegitimacy,” it declared.

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