See What To Do To Reduce Back Pain

See What To Do To Reduce Back Pain


Resistance training reduces low back pain, functional disability, stress and creatine kinase, a chemical in the bloodstream that tends to be higher when muscles are damaged or stressed. It’s an effective treatment for low back pain because it increases the function of your muscles, muscle strength and range of motion.


Swimming helps reduce back pain by alleviating pressure on your joints, increasing back strength and improving circulation. It’s a low-impact exercise because the buoyancy of the water will support your weight, reducing stress on your joints and spine.


Walking is good for low back pain because it’s a low-impact exercise that offers the benefits of regular physical activity without aggravating the muscles and tendons of the lower back.


Bicycling increases endurance and the performance of the heart and lungs including the spine. It’s less jarring to the spine than other aerobic exercises. Specifically, spinning on a stationary bike provides a more intense workout with minimal stress on the spine.


Yoga is a mind-body therapy that treats back pain and stress. It’s a gentle practice that stretches and strengthens back muscles, improving mobility. Many yoga postures are good sitting exercises for lower back pain.


The plank exercise primarily works the abdominals, but it also engages the arms, shoulders, hip flexors, and feet, making it a good full-body stability exercise.


Although a little discomfort is normal during exercise, if you have low back pain, listen to your body while you work out. Be mindful of the nature of the pain you experience while being active. If the workout is reproducing the pain you typically have, adjust the intensity, speed, or duration of your workouts until it eases

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