Oru-East LGA: A Call for Exceptional Leadership

Oru-East LGA: A Call for Exceptional Leadership

The quest for socio-economic excellence in Oru-East LGA necessitates a transformative leader with exceptional vision and leadership acumen. Following a rigorous evaluation process.

Hon. Nze. Celestine Onyeaka (Onyeoma) impressive tenure as Sole Administrator of Oru-East LGA showcased his effectiveness in delivering tangible results, which was made possible through the support and approval of the Governor of Imo State, His Excellency Dist Sen Hope Uzodinma
Thus some of these projects was achieved:

. Renovation of council’s block( Admin Block and Political &HODs Block)
. Renovation of the council’s Hall
. Installation of Solar street light from orie Omuma market square through council headquarters road
. Renovation of Council’s Chapel
. Reconstruction of Primary Healthcare block
. Renovation Primary Healthcare Pharmacy
. Reconstruction/Renovation of INEC office Omuma
. Renovation of ISIEC and DSS office Omuma
. Construction of parameter fencing of the council headquarters premises
. Provision of palliative measures on the failed section of ontisha road at Awo-omamma junction
. Installation of Solar street light inside the council premises
. Through the office of the Governor of Imo State Mr. Chibuzor Nwanana house was rebuilt after it was destroyed by some non state actors
. Constant renovations and beautification of council’s headquarters
. Rebuilt confidence in workers of the council
. Enhanced access to water via borehole resuscitation
. Promotion of youth development through football competition as directed by the Executive Governor of Imo State Dist. Sen.Hope Uzodinma
. Empowerment of Oru-East sons and daughters through skill up Imo project both chort 1& 2 respectively

Also through the magnanimity of our Governor, Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma and the Government of Imo State they following roads was graded:
. Ama Ighala – Ubaha etiti Omuma road
. Council road to Amaodum
. Nwaobodo Avenue, Umunwanzu Abia Omuma
. Know ozuh – Atta boundary, ozuh Omuma
. Umuokpara ozuh – Amimo road
. Umudioka Amiri – Umuokwe road, Awo-omamma
. Aforesaid ubahazu Amiri – Otulu boundary
. Ubahaeze road Awo-omamma
. Umubochi – Umuelibe road
. Umunwafor – Umuelibe road
. Orie okwuorji road
. Nchoko Amiri – Afor Awo road by St. Gregory Catholic parish
. Ubahazu – Nchoko road
. Umudioka Amiri – Technical junction Awo-omamma
. Awo-omamma comprehensive – Uzodinma Miri umuezukwe
. Nkwusi – Ubahaeze Y junction, Awo-omamma
. Ama Nguoguo – Umuifia Awo-omamma
. Umunnem road Awo-omamma

This exemplary record demonstrates his ability to drive meaningful change and deliver democratic dividends under the Shared Prosperity administration of our Governor.
He has promised to consolidate on the good works executed by the State government and to deliver more projects and development in our Local government if elected as the Executive Chairman of Oru-East LGA.

Hon. Celestine Nnamdi Onyeaka exceptional character, wisdom, and commitment to excellence have garnered him widespread recognition and esteemed accolades.


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