History Made As UK Surgeons Carry Out First Ever Womb Transplant

History Made As UK Surgeons Carry Out First Ever Womb Transplant

A historic milestone has been achieved in the United Kingdom as surgeons conducted the first-ever womb transplant on a woman on Wednesday.

An unidentified source told the UK Guardian that a 34-year-old married recipient from England underwent a nine-hour transplant procedure.

The married woman was born with a rare condition, meaning her original womb was underdeveloped. She received a donor womb from her 40-year-old sister, who already had two children.

The recipient, diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome, a rare congenital reproductive disorder affecting one in 5,000 women, had an underdeveloped vagina and the absence of a womb.

Isabel Quiroga, a consultant surgeon at the Oxford Transplant Centre, expressed her delight and immense pride in the successful outcome of the surgery.

In a February operation at Churchill Hospital in Oxford, the recipient, who resided in England and preferred to remain anonymous, underwent a nine-hour and 20-minute surgery to receive her sister’s uterus.

Remarkably, she recovered well and was discharged after ten days.

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